This Month in Fashion History: Vogue Italia’s January 2013 Cover


China Machado by Richard Avedon, 1958

China Machado by Richard Avedon, 1958

Chinese model Fei Fei Sun made fashion history when she became the first Asian model to grace the cover of Vogue Italia in January 2013. Vogue Italia had previously featured Asian models within its pages but never on its cover, a shocking–and embarrassing–truth for a magazine that has been in existence since 1964. Model China Machado made history when she became the first Asian model featured in a major American fashion magazine with her appearance in Harper’s Bazaar’s February 1959 issue, but has fashion really not come that far in the last fifty plus years? Racial diversity in fashion has been a hotbed issue for years and Vogue Italia’s cover screams the question: WHY??? Fei Fei Sun is an incredible beauty, the spread an exquisite montage of fashion and art. See for yourself. Fei-Fei-Sun-in-Vogue-Italia-January-2013-Editorial-1Fei-Fei-Sun-in-Vogue-Italia-January-2013-Editorial-6 Fei-Fei-Sun-in-Vogue-Italia-January-2013-Editorial-3 Fei-Fei-Sun-in-Vogue-Italia-January-2013-Editorial-7 Fei-Fei-Sun-in-Vogue-Italia-January-2013-Editorial-2 Fei-Fei-Sun-in-Vogue-Italia-January-2013-Editorial-4

Re-Fashioning Fernand Siméon: Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 RTW

Looks like Marc Jacobs looked to the bold, black lines of wood engraved fashion plates for his 2014 Spring Ready-to-Wear line. The plate on right is by artist Fernand Siméon for Modes et manières d’aujourd’hui, a deluxe, limited-edition publication printed in 1922.