The Art of Dress: Marion Cotillard for Dior Magazine no. 1, September 2012

Cotillard modeling the iconic “Bar Suit” from Dior’s debut 1947 collection.

Marion+Cotillard+Dior+Magazine+First+Issue+2“It’s another way to communicate luxury,” said Dior’s Chief Executive Sidney Toledano on the debut of Dior Magazine in 2012, “This is not a catalogue. It’s fresh and modern. It’s how we see ourselves; our own maison. I think it translates perfectly the mood of the company right now.” Actress Marion Cotillard, who has worked with Dior since 2008, was a natural choice for the magazine’s cover, as she inarguably possesses the same timeless, magnetic beauty of the fashion models of the 1950s, the era when Christian Dior reigned King of Fashion. Photographed by Jean-Baptiste Modino, Cotillard models the iconic Dior originals that made Dior an internationally sought after couturier. Arguably, no fashion designer is more synonymous with a single era than Dior is with the 1950s. While the influence and celebrity of such renowned designers as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent was extended over many years in their long careers, Dior’s premature death in 1957 confined his personal contributions to a mere ten years. Yet so strong was his vision that his house and his legacy has lived on into the modern era, where the brand remains synonymous with the highest level of luxury and sophistication. More on Christian Dior’s career can be found on the Art of Dress here. Marion+Cotillard+Dior+Magazine+First+Issue+4 Marion+Cotillard+Dior+Magazine+First+Issue+6 Marion+Cotillard+Dior+Magazine+First+Issue+5Marion+Cotillard+Dior+Magazine+First+Issue+3Marion+Cotillard+Dior+Magazine+First+Issue+7 Quote sourced here. All images sourced here.


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