Re-Visiting the Art of Valentino’s Spring 2015 Couture Collection

VAL_2310Glittery cloud dress aside, there is nothing particularly 2015 about Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s designs for Valentino Spring 2015 Couture…but that is the point. With so many labels charging forward into the realm of technology and pop culture, Valentino provides a surprisingly refreshing reminder of the romantic, evocative qualities of a stunningly beautiful gown, or in Valentino’s case, an entire collection of them. Valentino’s recent couture collection transported viewers to another time and place; when and where was not exactly clear but the show made the audience observers
of another world: part Medieval, part Chinese, part Russian–a world inhabited by classic beauties in rich, luxurious clothing. In a couture week dominated by Oscar-worthy, albeit trite and tried, gowns, Valentino stands out in the utter rejection of such formulaic guidelines. With details such as lush velvet roundels and Chinese-style embroidered skirts, the collection reminds us about the true meaning of couture and the hand-craftsmanship and artistry that lies at its very core. There is something to be said for utterly beautiful clothing. And Valentino has plenty to say.


1 thought on “Re-Visiting the Art of Valentino’s Spring 2015 Couture Collection

  1. if you are interested in the backstage of the fashion show, look at my blog, I made videos and photos in Backstage, i’m a seamstress for valentino


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